Monday, May 4, 2020

BLOOD INCANTATION - Starspawn (2016)

I Am the Portal, I Am the Stargate

Everything Is Cosmic.

As I promised myself some months ago during „Interdimensional Extinction” space journey, the review of the debut „Starspawn” is now taking a shape. What's interesting I guess, I have already bought their second album which awaits its first listen, however I just do not want to be infected in any form by a new release while reviewing it. The debut, released on August, 18th, 2016, has been bought by me one year or so after the date and it wasn't an easy task. The Denver madmen became quite popular in the underground, giving the spectacular shows here in Poland. Unfortunately I wasn't able to join them in their cosmic presentation in PoznaƄ with Cruciamentum, on March, 2017. Eventually I saw them during 2018 edition of Brutal Assault. Yes, I saw them and got crushed despite small sound problems with guitar leads. Anyway, someone's opinion on the band is one thing to make you spending money, in my case, the most important was the interview with Paul Riedl in „7 Gates” magazine (41st issue), which is one of the most exciting stuff I have ever read to date...

Blood Gets Vitrificated.

…and according to Paul's words, the only purpose for Blood Incantation's existence was creating sick death metal with bizarre and twisted riffs completed by dark metaphysical and spiritual lyrics where one may find the alien hybrids, zen quantum theory, transcendalism, nihilism, mysticism and esotericism. And you know what? Paul didn't lie. The band opens the star gate with „Vitrification of Blood (Part 1) track, a real deadly beast lasting almost fourteen minutes! And during those countless listens it became something more than 'just the opening song'. Without any needless introduction, quite slowly like a road roller to finish the song like a supernova consuming everything on its way. So, what can be found there? From phenomenal guitars layers (both riffs and leads) to merciless onslaught of rhythm section, from massive slow almost doomish parts with overwhelming atmospheric vibe that no one can miss to furious ones ripping the air, from broken complex moments to more simple methods of execution. Yes, this song is a cosmic feast. This song is a complete death song. And I tell you, I couldn't pave the sound realization over. This time, unlike their previous Ep, it got only analogue life and it sounds simply superb, vivid, organic, carnal. But what about the rest? Only four tracks and somebody may complain it's not too much. In terms of numbers probably it would be right, yet it's enough to praise the title for good as the „Starspawn” hasn't been filled by any accidental sound or moment. And as the influences are on the table, I met in different reviews such bands like Morbid Angel, Gorguts, Timeghoul, Demilich. For me, if some touches of Finnish „Nespithe” are perceptible in riff construction from time to time, I should add Mexican The Chasm in this place when the general atmosphere is concerned. But if the Corchado crew explore more down-to-earth dimensions, Blood Incantation takes me into something unknown far beyond any understanding... into something more ominous...

God Equals Space.

This space driven madness is short yet truly intense and completely sense exhausting journey. As compared to the previous title, the progress is absolutely dominant. Even if it is released in 2016, I wouldn't be surprised to find it somewhere in the eighties / the nineties and with first single spin it became just a classic death record. But wait, is there anything that doesn't fit? Well, not really, however I still can't warm to Don Dixon's cover art. Ep's artwork was spectacular, „Starspawn” picture, beside great logo is preserved, is one of many unfortunately. But it is easy to swallow, as the music counts. So, trying to sum the thing up: these 35 minutes are definitely spawning of another star in death genre firmament. Metal, Skills, Vision. I listen to it only when I have free time to do that. The whole. No piecemeal. By all me. Devotedly. Just paying tribute to the Space itself. death as known, only doorways...


(written in 2020)